How we can help

At SK9 we train dogs and coach owners who are either experiencing problems with their dog or who are just looking to get their dog on the path of being a good, well-behaved member of the family.  We do this through:

  • Basic obedience and manners training in private, one-on-one dog training sessions with owners, drop-off day training, Boot Camps or in our group classes to be able to achieve the dreams and goals you have for life with your dog.
  • Behavior Modification training for dogs who are experiencing specific problems, like excessive barking, reactivity, resource guarding or even generally bad attitudes.  Often times, these dogs do not have sufficient structure and need more guidance from their humans, or are just nervous and anxious about the world around them.  Very few dogs are truly genetically aggressive.  For any of these, we coach the owners on how to manage their dog’s issue while together we train the dog that there is a better, more appropriate way to cope with their environment and respond to it.
  • Preparations for Therapy Dog or even Service Dog work for those that wish to advance to having their dog fulfill a purpose in life of helping others or even helping you maneuver life’s challenges.