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Therapy Dog Certification

Canine Good Citizen Certificate

therapy-dogServices impacts the quality of life for thousands of children, adults, and seniors throughout Western North Carolina. Our therapy dogs provide the catalyst for positive change by motivating emotionally and physically challenged individuals. We open dialogue with the abused, disabled, sick, lonely, injured, or depressed.

Our Therapy Dog Certification also known as Canine Good Citizen inspires learning and change – and includes everyone. Our  certified therapy dog teams are personally committed to bring joy and inspiration to every human life we touch. Rooted in the strength of the unique human-to-animal bond, our programs reach beyond traditional forms of rehabilitation and treatment. Let our team of certified therapy dogs erase the language barrier, and start making a difference in your life today! We’re ready to show you how. Your Therapy Dog Certification will make you and
your dog proud.

What is a therapy dog?

A therapy dog is a friend to everyone! Therapy dogs are extremely patient and loving – and provide great companionship. Specialized K9 Services brings only the best-natured and most well-trained dogs to your location. Reliability and training is the backbone of our agency. We visit hospitals, rehabilitation and hospice facilities, schools, senior centers, nursing communities, homeless shelters, and homes for the youth at-risk bereavement centers and beyond. Our successful outreach programs are tailored to meet your specific needs… and our programs are growing every day! If you’re looking for emotional or physical support, look no further – you’ve come
to the right place. Anyone can benefit from the unique animal-to-human bond. It’s not just our mission; it’s our personal commitment to you.

How can a therapy dog help?

Visiting with animals can help you feel less lonely and less depressed. People are more active and responsive both during – and after – a visit with animals. Medical studies and clinical research show that a therapy
dog can not only have medical benefits such as stress relief, or lower blood pressure – but provide a sense of comfort, confidence, and companionship.

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Training requirement for Therapy Dog Certification

The first items of concern are health and cleanliness standards. We use the requirements set by Specialized K9 Services, for qualification for the SK9S test. These include:

1. Proof of current Rabies vaccination.

2. Proof of health, such as current health certificate from a Veterinarian.

3. Visible cleanliness, no sign of fleas/ticks, clean ears etc.

4. Dog must appear healthy, alert and not grossly over or under weight.

5. Yearly Physical and stool check.

6. Annual Heartworm test.

Our Testing Fees:

The fee for a SK9S Evaluation of a dog/handler team should not exceed $100. However, if the test site charges a fee for the use of their location or the evaluator must travel to the location of the test, the fee may be higher.

Course Fee (this will include testing and certification) $300.00

Or if you have completed CGC and Basic Obedience you may test per the following:

Testing fees are charged per dog:

Each K9   $100.00