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Criminal Investigations Search

Search Rescue Dog TrainerSK9S specializes in training / working K9’s in search and detection work for criminal investigations and missing persons to the highest standards!

Scent Discriminative Trailing

Cadaver Detection

Drug Detection

Although we are branching into other detection work, the following is an overview of our services offered now:

SK9S can offer assistance in most investigations. The use of a qualified trailing dog can close a case or add to overall evidence.

Scent Discriminative K9’s can provide the following:

Aged trails-days, weeks and months old.

Contaminated areas-trail specific scent after people and animal traffic have saturated the scene.

Secondary scent- K9’s can trail scent off a corpse / victim body and clothing.

Burnt items- K9’s can trail scent from arson / explosive evidence

Suspect line up- K9’s can use specific scent collected to eliminate or ID suspects as being a match to the scene or evidence such as a weapon

Vehicle trails- K9’s will follow scent from a vehicle traveling

Negatives- K9’s are trained to give a negative ID to handler if scent is not present at areas of interest

Cadaver Detection:

A highly trained cadaver dog can help bring closer to a case and cut down on time in suspected areas of interest. The use of a cadaver dog can search large land and water areas. Cadaver dogs can also be useful in recovering weapons that are contaminated with  victims blood.

Drug Detection:
K9 is trained to find and alert on drug odors.

STU-100For more information on the STU-100, go to: www.stu100.com

More and more research is being done on scent. Please check out  the following links:

This article, “Scents and Sense-Ability” by Phillip Jones is in the  AprilMay 2006 edition of Forensic Magazine®. (Linked by  permission of Forensic Magazine®) http://www.forensicmag. com/articles/asp?pid=86

This article “Performance Evaluation of the Scent Transfer Unit™  (STU-100) for Organic Compound Collection and Release”, was  published in the July 2006 issue of the Journal of Forensic Sciences. http://www.blackwell-synergy.com. You will have to find  the Journal of Forensic Sciences and then the July 2006 issue.

The FBI has written several articles in their Forensic Science  Communications:

“The Specialized Use of Human Scent in Criminal Investigations” in
the October 2004 issue http://www.fbi.
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SK9S Fees: Expenses for SK9S are negotiated when services are inquired. Expenses are negotiable according to case and location.

Local agencies may not have Handler/K9 (team) fees.

The following is an average of fees when contracted:

  • Handler /K9 fee per team $100 per day
  • Travel expenses  Fuel provided or reimbursement (airline travel if required)
  • Lodging Requestor to provide if required

SK9S is looking forward to continuing to serve local, state and  government agencies as well as private companies and families.

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