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Dog Training Center | Asheville NCProper training with a professional dog trainer can help you get the right benefits for living with your dog.

A dog that responds to you through training with positive motivation and reinforcement is more likely to be reliable in an emergency situation. A dog should be able to respond to commands such as heel, sit, stay, come, and down, at a minimum. Whether you are the owner of an adult dog or a young puppy, training by a professional dog trainer can help you achieve your training goals and have the best life possible with your 4-legged companion.

Specialized K9 Services | Woof in the Woods dog training programs provides a common sense approach to dog training incorporating psychology to achieve success in training both ends of the leash. Our “NERDS” training system is what creates a mentally and physically healthy dog.

Our dog trainers offer following services:

  • Guaranteed results after a single meeting, following our program, no matter what the issue!
  • Dog Obedience Training offered in group class setting, day (drop-off) training or private lessons by our trainers.
  • Puppy Training for young pups just starting out that are not quite old enough for basic obedience training yet
  • Therapy Dog Training is a combination of classroom and field work to pass the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test and prepare for therapy work.
  • Service Dog Training to fit your service needs, after passing basic obedience, CGC and field work.

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