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Dog Training Center | Asheville NCProper training through a professional dog trainer can help you get the right benefits for living with your dog.

A dog that responds to you through training with positive motivation and reinforcement is more
likely to respond well for you in an emergency situation. A dog should be able to respond to commands such as heel, sit, stay, come, and down at a minimum. Whether you are the owner of an adult dog or a young puppy, training by a professional dog trainer can help you to have the best life possible with your canine companion.

A common sense approach to dog training incorporating psychology in the lessons. Success is training both ends of the leash. Steve’s system “NERDS” is what creates a total mental and physically healthy

Our dog trainer offers following services:

Guaranteed results after one meeting – no matter what the issue!

Dog Obedience Training is offered in a group class, private and puppy lessons by Steve Dog Father Canady.

Therapy Dog Training is one on one and out in the field work after you pass the CGC test.

Service Dog Training to fit your service needs. Similar to therapy outline but drop off training is usually required.

Search and Detection work for criminal investigations and missing persons to the highest standards!


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